Thursday, May 20, 2010

Web Cam from Talkeetna Air Taxi

Avid blog follower Mike Hekkers (someone is reading this!) emailed me a link to TAT's web cam. It gives you a sense of the weather in the general area along with a picture of two woodland pixies on a clear day to use for the purposes of comparison. Link to Web Cam.

Mike writes that he is inputting the coordinates provided by the Spot Tracker into Google Earth. He thinks this is fun. He also writes that he climbed Denali from the other side, and that it is fun to virtually 'learn' this route. I am pressing him for more details!


  1. Wasilla has been following the team's progress since the beginning and check the site four times a day. Go Sammy

  2. Thanks, that's awesome! And Sammy gets a shout-out!