Tuesday, May 18, 2010

French Climber's Fall

I spoke with Kevin tonight and relayed what information I have found about Sunday's sad incident involving another climbing group. (link to story). Many teams, including the ODS team, are following the West Buttress route, generally considered the "easiest" route. The weather is good so far and the instructors skilled and cautious.

Tuesday's plan is to ferry supplies and equipment higher on the mountain, returning down to their current camp at the 11,200 foot level to overnight. Depending on the group's acclimatization to the altitude, they may take a rest day on Wednesday. Kevin reports that his cheese biscuits went over well tonight, and they are resting up for tomorrow's moving day.

For everyone who loves a climber, it's scary when you hear of accidents on the mountain. Condolences go out to Pascal Frison's family and friends for their loss.

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