Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, May 23 Update

The team has been busy today, both in and out of camp. They've been decorating. Some of them built a couch and ottoman out of snow this morning. They also built a sculpture in a sort of "tiki" style.

More gear was carried and cached at 16,000 ft. in preparation for Tuesday's move to a new camp at 17,000 ft. When the team returned, they found their couch had been taken over by Discovery Channel's self-described "biker bad boy" Tim Medvetz of "Everest: Beyond the Limit" and "Deadliest Climb: Everest" semi-fame. He was deep in conversation and wouldn't budge for some time.

Tomorrow, Monday, will be a rest day. Hashbrowns with sausage and cheese for breakfast, tortilla soup and burritos for dinner. When you're sitting around in the snow, you tend to plan your meals ahead a bit, I guess!

It's Camp Movie Nite tonight: They are all crammed into one tent; Shea has attached his iPod with string at one end of the tent, movie screen style. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is on first. Each of them has a chocolate bar. Kevin also has two audio books: John le Carre's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. Just in case you want to follow along with the ODS BookClub selections for May.

If they are able to make camp at the 17,000 ft. level on Tuesday, the team will attempt to summit on Wednesday. We're getting close here, folks!!!

Addendum: I also want to give a shout-out to Shea, who got all Apollo 13 on us and created a charger for the satellite phone on the fly. He spliced together two other chargers; one with the correct plug, the other with the correct power source. It's been great to be able to use the sat phone to get these regular updates and not have to save all the batteries for emergency purposes. You rock, Shea!

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  1. So great! Thank you for the update. We are big fans of "biker" Tim. If you see him again please tell him Judy and Scott send him and Matt best wishes every day. Good luck! We'll be following you.