Monday, May 24, 2010

Know Yer History

Our blog header image includes the Muldrow Glacier/Karsten's Ridge route and is taken from the northeast in the vicinity of the Eielson Visitors Center on the Denali Park Road.

The first climbers high on Denali were the Sourdoughs in 1910 who thought they summited the highest point which was the lower North Summit (right in the photo). The Parker-Browne expedition got within 200' of the South Summit, 20,320' (left in the photo) in 1912.

Fittingly, the first person on the summit was Walter Harper, an Athabaskan Native on Hudson Stuck's* team in 1913. An interesting factoid for Juneauites, Walter Harper was on board the Princess Sophia, which tragically sunk in nearby Lynn Canal in 1918, and he was buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

* the Episcopal Archdeacon of the Yukon

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