Saturday, May 29, 2010

On their way down...

17,000 to 14,000: Everyone hiked down with the exception of Kevin, who was happy to take a ski run down to 14,000 ft. camp. 14,000 ft. camp is a hopping place in the good weather we've been having; some people brought up guitars and were jamming, and Sammy and Acacia were treated to some nice cheeses from the neighboring Italian climbing team. Given good social skills, it sounds like one could live there the whole summer on food that descending climbing teams want to jettison. Not that I am advocating the mountaineer bum lifestyle. Okay, it sounds a little bit awesome.

The team departed 14,000 ft. camp last night for a night descent of the mountain. They should be down in Talkeetna sometime today; Travis will meet them there for the long drive back to Juneau.

Hopefully, I'll get some pics today. After they return, I'll post a selection of pics from the trip before wrapping up this blog; be sure to check back for those.

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