Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pritty Pitchers of Nature and Stuff

As a recent former president once said, "One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures."

Thank you to Shea for providing these fantastic pictures!

Let's say this is Yosuke until somebody proves me wrong.

Travis in the foreground, miles of nothing in the distance.

It's Sammy, the Sweetheart of Camp 11.

Yosuke and the soup of the day, miso.

Shea, Sammy, Acacia, and Jack Nickelson display the funny things mountaineering does to your hair.

The famous couch at 14,200 ft. camp, which I now see is more of a loveseat, really. Take your feet off the coffee table, boys.

Climbing towards the summit.

Yosuke on the summit!

Heading back down: Acacia, Sammy, Kevin, TAT Pilot (?), Shea, Forest, Yosuke, and Freddie.


  1. Congrats Gang! We are proud of your historic accomplishment representing UAS.

  2. Kevin's Uncle Jim says climbing the sumit is still on his "bucket list" but in the "unrealistic" category! Am quite impressed with the achievements, the photos and the great blog including watching footsteps progress up the mountain against the terrain background. Congratulations to all, and many thanks for the experience :)